Recession looming? Why your customer service offering is more important than ever before

With fears of a recession now making headlines on an almost daily basis many businesses are looking at where they can make cost savings and efficiencies to brace themselves for what may be around the corner. 

While considerations for certain areas of business spending may be logical, one area that should never be subject to constraints is your customer service offering. Many consumers are already looking at where they can reduce their monthly outgoings and the first subscriptions to be terminated are those to whom the consumer holds a negative perception. Indeed the same is true for non-subscription-based offerings, where consumers will take far longer to decide on where to spend their now considered, and more limited, available cash. 

Many businesses have similar services or products, which leaves only a small number of factors to differentiate themselves from their competitors - customer service is the number one factor in differentiation and one that businesses should pay special attention to when heading into a potential recession. Consumers will be checking reviews more than ever before to ensure once they do commit to purchasing from your business they won’t be left out of pocket. Paying special attention to looking after your customers and offering them easy ways to contact you when they have a problem or question is the very best way to increase your number of positive customer reviews, boost customer loyalty and maximise your customer's lifetime value. 

Customer retention is five times cheaper than customer acquisition. Spending wisely before and during a recession is key, so retaining and delighting your existing customers has never been more important. 

Offering exceptional customer service isn’t always easy, however, there any many factors to consider - what hours of the day you will provide support, how many staff members you need, where those staff will physically work, what shifts they will work, what equipment they will need, who will train and manage them, who will monitor their productivity, what happens when they are sick or take annual leave, what channels will you offer for your customers to contact you via (email, live chat, social media etc.), what software will you use to track and log customer contacts, if you offer phone support what telephony platform will you use … and more! 

There is however a proven, predictable and affordable way to offer customer service - partnering with The SaaSy People. By working together we can ensure your customers receive an exceptional experience, every time. 

We can use your existing CRM/support platform if you have one in place (Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, JIRA, Shopify, WooCommerce, Gorgias, LiveChat, Tawk, Magento, Front etc.) or recommend the perfect solution to meet your needs. We’re Intercom, Freshdesk and Zendesk official partners so we’re experts in recommending solutions. We’re also official partners of Vonage so can offer a world-class telephony solution from as little as £8.99 per month. 

Our teams work 24/7/365, so you can choose the ideal coverage hours and we will build a solution to meet your needs. Many of our customers choose core hours coverage to begin with then expand into evening support, weekend support and overnight support - by partnering with us you can ensure your business can easily scale as you grow without having to worry about training, recruitment, management etc. 

All our customers are provided with access to MySaaSy, our custom-built platform for tracking utilisation and viewing trends in support demand, including how many inbound calls have been received, outbound calls made and interactions handled - all broken down by day.

Another unique advantage of working with The SaaSy People is our ability to provide Burst Coverage. Many businesses have peaks in demand across the year, they may be planned events such as a sale or new product launch, or unplanned events such as an outage or major stock issue - whatever the cause of a peak in demand we can provide Burst Coverage to ensure your customers are never left waiting for assistance.

If you’re looking to prepare your business for the seemingly looming recession then speaking to us now will put you ahead of your competition and ensure your business stands out from the crowd without having to spend more on marketing. 

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