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Ensuring users receive a great first impression and recognise the value of your platform as quickly as possible is key to retaining them as a customer.

Our onboarding service gives you peace of mind knowing that all of your new users are being contacted at regular intervals to make sure they can ask any questions they may have and are becoming increasingly familiar with your platform and how to use all of its features.

You can see an example of a typical onboarding process below. This can, of course, be customised to suit your use case as we learn more about your platform and the setup steps.

First welcome call
Held on the same day the customer goes live – the purpose is to ensure the user can log in without issue, and knows how to navigate around the platform. Also on this call, we will share the methods the user can get in touch with support via and agree when next to contact the user (suggest 7 days via email and 14 days by phone).

7 days post go-live
Follow-up email to ensure the customer is using your platform without issues and if they have any questions or queries. Also to share some ‘tips and tricks’ in the form of knowledgebase articles or videos.

2 weeks post go-live
Call to follow up on the 7-day email and to discuss usage data we have ( i.e. the number of logins, actions performed)

Ensuring your customers remain satisfied and continue to see the benefits of using your platform after they've been onboarded is equally important - we know exactly the right times to contact your customers to maintain high levels of engagement.

By utilising platform metrics we can identify key points and thresholds that require an outreach to your end-users, with nearly 73% of companies running on pure SaaS by the end of 2020 it's now more vital than ever to delight your customer base and ensure you remain one step ahead of any potential reduction in end-user satisfaction.

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