Our Onboarding Process

Carbon Neutral. Industry Leading.

Our dedicated onboarding team ensure success from Day 1.

We know great customer service is powered by our representatives knowledge and familiarity with your business.

You want our teams to answer your enquiries efficiently, matching your brands tone of voice at all times. Our onboarding process ensures we capture all your requirements ahead of go-live!
Once you partner with us your Onboarding Manager will reach out to share your project plan and onboarding guide with you, along with setting up calls to make the process fully effective.

Staff member

Wait, there's more. In early 2021 we partnered with Ecologi to make our onboarding 100% carbon neutral. Based on the time taken to onboard your account, we will plant trees to offset all of the CO2 emissions.

You can view how many trees we've planted so far and view our virtual forest here.

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