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Our fixed monthly costs ensure a predictable invoice.

Unlike other outsourcing partners, we publish our pricing right here on our website.

£1299 per month
Shared Agent

Starting price for a shared team member working on your account for a set number of hours 5 days a week based in the UK. Supporting your customers via email, phone, live chat and social media.

This model is best for businesses looking for a lower fixed cost per month and have a predictable number of interactions.

£2599 per month
Dedicated Agent

Starting price for a dedicated team member working 8 hours per day, 5 days a week based in the UK. Supporting your customers using any channels you choose.

This model is best for businesses with varying interaction volumes, who want agents dedicated to their account that can perform a number of activities including proactive support.

Are you an early stage startup?

Take a look at our SaaSy for Startups program to see how eligible startups can receive 50% off our Shared Agent plan for up to 12 months.

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Looking for weekend or out of hours coverage?

Many of our customers utilise our services over the weekend and through the night.

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Outsourced Customer Support Pricing Comparison

In House

£3100+ per month

The SaaSy People

from £1299 per month

1 Support Agent Salary
£1900 p/m
Support Platform License
£149 p/m
Agent Work Equipment
£200 p/m
Telephony Platform
£99 p/m
Office Space For Agent
Ongoing Training Costs
£150 p/m
Ongoing Management Costs
£200 p/m
Recruitment Costs
£80 p/m

Why outsource?

By partnering with The SaaSy People you can easily build a long term solution that’s both scalable and flexible – without having to hire new in-house team members!

Meet our tech stack

We use best-in-class 100% cloud based software to ensure a seamless & scaleable service delivery.

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