Announcing the all new MySaaSy

We’re really excited to launch our brand new MySaaSy, allowing our customers to view their utilisation and remaining allowance at any time. MySaaSy also allows easy management of landing numbers, invoices and more!

View a video walkthrough by clicking here!

Once logged in to MySaaSy you can view all of your SaaSy utilisation, including how many inbound calls have been received, outbound calls and interactions handled - all broken down by day. You can change the date range to view any period of time, allowing you to not only view utilisation but also see any peaks or trends in support demand.

In addition to viewing utilisation and support trends, MySaaSy allows for easy management of landing numbers including editing the opening hours and greeting(s) used.

Within MySaaSy you can also view all of your invoices, see which ones are paid and which are unpaid, and easily pay them online in just 3 clicks.

If you’re an existing customer and don’t yet have access to MySaaSy please contact your Account Manager. 

If you’d like to see a live demo of MySaaSy or learn more about how The SaaSy People can help differentiate your business from your competition visit our Contact Us page or call us on 0121 312 9919!