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SaaSy for Startups.

Grow your startup faster with us.

Customers expect the best experience from every business, including your startup.

We’re here for the innovators, the scalers, the creators, and the makers - those who saw it and then went out there and built it.

Bring us your disruptive start-up, and we will bring you the people, framework, mindset, and track record to fuel your growth!

Our SaaSy for Startups program offers a 50% discount
on our pricing for eligible startups.

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Fuel your startup by delighting your customers.

Retention rates, reviews and word of mouth are the fuel to your startup.

A product or service with even a single online review is 65% more likely to be purchased than those with none. Positive reviews can increase overall sales by over 20%.

Providing your customers with exceptional service will dictate the future of your business and set you aside from your competition.

We're your partner for growth.

Free up your time to scale up your business.

Growing your business is unquestionably time-consuming. You no doubt have have a multitude of different responsibilities to ensure your product or service is the best it can be.

Let us handle your existing customer support queries while you focus on scaling your startup.

Our award-winning teams are experts in ensuring your customers are always completely satisfied.

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Eligibility Requirements.

Eligible startups receive a 50% discount on our Startup Shared Agent outsourced customer support plans for up to 12 months.

Up to ÂŁ500k in funding
Less than 2 years old
10 employees or less
Not a current SaaSy customer

Faster growth starts
with The SaaSy People

By partnering with The SaaSy People you can easily build a long term solution that’s both scalable and flexible – without having to hire new in-house team members!

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Meet our tech stack

We use best-in-class 100% cloud based software to ensure a seamless & scaleable service delivery.