Avoid A Nightmare Before Christmas - What would SANTA do?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed in the lead-up to Christmas. The aim - to avoid a nightmare before Christmas! Nobody wants to return to endless unopened customer queries, complaints and unmet goals. We prioritise gift-giving, family gatherings and celebrations during the holiday season, but have you ever thought about the perfect gifts you could give your business? If repeat business, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving revenue growth are on your wish list, we could have the ideal gift for you! So, what would SANTA do?

S - SaaS Tools

In preparation for the Christmas rush, now is the time to ensure best practices are in place by implementing and optimising the most appropriate SaaS tools to suit your business needs. Implementing monday.com for project management is a great way to ensure visibility on critical projects and tasks within your business. Allowing your team access to understand priorities, streamlining business processes without the need for endless communication, and tracking goals to align with your business strategy could be the game changer you need this Christmas! 

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A - Annual Leave Management

Access People HR says December is the second most popular month to take annual leave. As it’s the season of giving, we have created the perfect planner to help manage annual leave requests across Christmas. We’re offering a free monday.com template to allow your staff to request their preferred leave days. Easily view your entire team's preference submissions in one location and quickly and easily see if you have enough staff active each day at a glance. If you’re an existing monday.com customer, you can install the template in just a few clicks, and it’s yours, free, forever.

Click here to download your template today! New to monday.com? Contact us for a free trial and install our template this holiday season - we’re confident you’ll love using monday.com!

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N - NPS and CSAT Tools To Drive Customer Satisfaction

If your aims are customer retention and revenue growth, now is not the time to park CSAT! Utilising CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Surveys) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) and mining this data for continual improvement is an ideal way to enhance overall CX and generate better business outcomes. According to Forbes, the power of NPS lies in its ability to provide a simple yet effective measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty, enabling businesses to identify and prioritise areas for improvement and growth. Higher NPS indicates happy customers, reflecting their satisfaction and likelihood of promoting your business, allowing your current customers to generate business opportunities for you - Merry Christmas! 

Click here to learn more about utilising CSAT as a continuous improvement tool.

T - Time To Focus On Meaningful Work

During periods of staff absence and workload remaining the same, in an ideal world, teams should be able to focus on the bigger picture, achieving goals relating to the broader business plan. But how? Utilising AI can allow teams to focus on the most meaningful work and automate the rest. It is essential to note that optimising your AI solution to ensure the correct workflows will allow the customer to follow the process needed to utilise AI capabilities before seamlessly transitioning to your agents.

For more on how AI can help elevate your business, click here. 

Another essential consideration is whether you have the resources to manage your customer support during the holiday season. Outsourcing customer support for your seasonal coverage or opting for extra hours is also to be considered during the festive period. At SaaSy, we strive to create solutions for our customers to quickly scale up or work alongside your customer support team to meet the support needs of your customers quickly and with ease. We pride ourselves on our program-agnostic approach, meaning we can communicate effectively across your platforms.

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A - Avoid Being Overwhelmed

Planning is essential, and ensuring you have the appropriate tools and resources is vital to meeting customer needs and driving customer experience! Our top tips to avoid being overwhelmed throughout the holiday season:

  • Enjoy a gift from us! Utilise our free monday Christmas Planner template and ensure you have the resources needed. Ensure staff have the appropriate amount of work set for the hours worked to meet business and employee needs.
  • Prepare for busy periods by utilising AI opportunities and opting for outsourced customer support solutions. Meet your customers' needs across the Christmas period, and don’t forget to continue to monitor your customers' overall satisfaction to continue to drive CX!
  • Utilise SaaS tools for complete visibility across projects, ensuring your business goals are met before Big Ben strikes this New Year!

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2024!