Harnessing AI For Small Businesses

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help transform how you connect, retain and engage with your customers. The SaaSy People have implemented numerous AI implementations and optimisations to ensure businesses offer their customers the best customer experience. So how can you harness AI for your business and take customer experience to the next level?

AI bots connecting humans


Accessible To Anyone‍

Firstly, we don't require an elaborate budget or months of lead time. Our Expert Services team understands powerful AI's capabilities and which solutions are tried, tested and ready to go. One such solution is Zendesk AI; with The SaaSy People's knowledge of your business needs coupled with Zendesk's AI-powered tools, we can create the most personalised experiences for every customer. Our partnership can aid in maintaining relationships, ensuring customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, helping to generate repeat business.


‍Designed With Your Agents In Mind

Is it beginning to feel like Ground Hog Day? Are you experiencing similar queries with identical resolutions? The SaaSy People can implement Zendesk AI to boost efficiency and save your team's time on repetitive tasks. By working alongside The SaaSy People, allowing us to delve into your customer's needs, we can help gain a competitive advantage by utilising Zendesk AI. We ensure your reps are free to focus on the most meaningful work, reducing fatigue and shortening customer response times.

‍Problem-Solving Bots

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients, starting with a free Discovery call. The call's outcome is to fully understand your business, workflows, and pain points and ultimately identify where we can add value. Based on our findings combined with billions of data points from fundamental service interactions from Zendesk, we can configure Zendesk AI to deliver an immediate benefit that will only get smarter over time! With the help of The SaaSy People, we train Zendesk bots to fully understand your customers' needs, feelings and requirements without months of set-up.

‍Want To Know More?

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