Why Wellbeing-Centric Businesses Should Partner With SaaSy

Since the pandemic, employee well-being has become a hot topic, with employees' mental and physical states becoming even more of a priority than ever before. Burnout often occurs when an employee becomes overworked and experiences long-term stress. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), burnout is a syndrome that results from chronic workplace stress. Symptoms of burnout include absenteeism, disengagement, and emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion.

AXA UK and the Centre of Economic and Business Research have reported that work-related stress and burnout currently cost the UK economy a staggering £28bn a year, resulting in 23.3m sick days yearly. But did you know our range of Customer Support and Expert Service solutions not only create lean processes but can also help you take positive steps to decrease workplace burnout and aid employee performance to improve overall employee wellbeing?

Part 1: Work Management For All

Management and Senior Leadership teams have had the added pressure of adapting to managing employees with changes in their working environment in recent years. Understanding and learning to effectively manage teams working remotely, hybrid and office-bound alongside workloads has been an essential part of managerial roles. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reports around one in seven working adults (14%) worked from home exclusively between 27 April and 8 May 2022, while nearly a quarter (24%) both worked from home and travelled to work, meaning well over a third of UK adults spend a portion of time working from home and that's without adding flexible working into the mix. What can we effectively put into practice to add coherency to your workforce?

A monday board displaying projects

Utilising monday.com for work management can have a real positive impact on employee mental wellbeing. Why? monday gives complete visibility over workloads and workflow, meaning the need for micromanaging is diminished and allows management to have a full view of an employee's tasks. So how does this impact wellbeing? The 360 work management view instils trust between management and employees, as the platform shows tasks and workloads. As part of the monday board features, staff can create clear task deadlines and communicate with team members within the task. An influential line of communication is formed and should remain relevant to the task alongside tracking and updating task progress, diminishing the need for micromanagement and highlighting team demands allowing leadership to step in before potential task overload or burnout occurs. monday is also an effective tool to collaboratively work on projects and encourage teams to work together with the function to add external partners to workflow boards to allow for further development in external relationships and enhance collaboration. 

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Part 2: Make Automation Your BFF

Are your employees spending significant time working on repetitive tasks and feeling overworked when time could be spent on more meaningful work? monday believes we're wasting our actual skills at work with tedious tasks, with 54% of a surveyed workforce believing they would save 5 hours+ from tools that automate tasks. So how can we contribute towards employees feeling less overwhelmed and more satisfied in their jobs? 

At SaaSy, we pride ourselves on our partnerships and knowledge within our partner's offerings, having completed hundreds of implementations, optimisations and migrations within their incredible platforms. Effectively setting up automation software allows bots to do mundane, repetitive tasks, meaning your workforce feels less overworked and creates higher job satisfaction within your team as employees can have higher input in work that will make a difference to your business. 

monday activity

Setting up workflows and allowing bots to triage and direct customers effectively and efficiently also lowers the demand level for employees. Mckinsey reports more than 20% of digital budgets are invested in AI-related technologies, whilst Forbes estimates as much as 40% of working hours will be augmented or automated by generative AI. Having an expert to implement automation and tailoring environments to meet your business's practical needs also eliminates additional time spent on testing and learning. Investing in AI positively impacts employees' job satisfaction as the work carried out by employees becomes more meaningful, and staff feel their role is more valued. Forbes state in about 60% of occupations, only one-third of tasks could be automated. So while some of our work may be automated in the next 10 years, not all will be!

Zendesk chat example

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Part 3: The SaaSy People, An Extension Of Your Business

Your business is growing, and you've more customers than ever before. Still, customers are becoming irritated by slow response times, staff are calling in sick, and the team you have left feels unsatisfied with their work and burnt out! You know you need more people, but adding the recruiting process to your list isn't appealing. Zendesk recommends that if you're struggling to stay on top of your support queue or to provide an excellent customer experience, outsourcing to a reputable company may be the key to unlocking future growth.

The SaaSy People team image

Let's remember management and senior leaders feel the pressure too. Eliminate the stress and strain of recruiting and partner with The SaaSy People. Our incredible team of customer support agents can support your business from the ground up! Diminish burnout by partnering with SaaSy to either aid in handling or take full ownership of managing your customer support. We have a fantastic team of onboarding specialists to ensure our customer support agents can effectively handle and respond to your customer's queries. As an agnostic business, we become experts within your platforms, utilise them fully and act as an extension of your team. We understand companies have peaks in demand but don't feel like you're drowning during the chaotic periods. SaaSy burst coverage offering allows you to increase coverage quickly and effectively to take the pressure off your internal teams. 

Overall, what does this mean for management? 

  1. Higher job satisfaction for your team and lower levels of burnout, as we can fully support your customer support needs to increase the overall customer experience.
  2. Peace of mind knowing that our team will become experts within the platforms you currently utilise.
  3. Your employees are purely focusing on the most meaningful work that will directly impact the direction of your business.

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The Takeaway

If you’re a wellbeing centric business looking for innovative ways to effectively manage workload, from work management tools to outsourced customer support, we’re here to help.

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