Why On-shore Support Teams Are The Way Forward!

First of all, Happy New Year! We had a wonderful 2021, and are hoping that 2022 is as exciting, if not more! 

We have mentioned this before, however, over the last 12 months, it has become evermore clear that keeping your support local to your customers is the only way to ensure that each customer receives an exceptional experience, every time. 

As a business owner, you may be only seeing the financial implications of on-shore outsourced customer support - however, the value of the support your customers receive is a worthy investment. And, just between us, it doesn’t have to cost the earth! 

Here are the main benefits of keeping your customer support based on-shore! We are UK based, so these points are very much focussed on UK customers and businesses.


We embrace, and cater to, all languages here at SaaSy, but the majority of our interactions are in English, so having a team of native English speakers is a huge advantage in ensuring that communication between customers and support agents is clear and direct.



Culture and Empathy

Similarly to language, we embrace all cultures here, but there is nothing like talking to someone who understands exactly where you are coming from. For example, we Brits love a natter, so having another nattering Brit on the phone is comforting in many ways. Obviously, if there is a problem that needs resolving then focus is important, but to ensure that the customer feels recognised by the agent they are speaking with is a distinguishing factor of exceptional customer support.


This one is fairly straightforward, it’s logistics! If you’re having to discuss timeframes for solutions, or reports back, and you're working in a different timezone to your customers, things can get confusing for everyone, very quickly! 


By keeping your customer support on-shore, the interactions that your customers have with your support team a faster, more personable and don’t become confusing when time is a factor! 


Is it time to outsource your customer support, with The SaaSy People?

At The SaaSy People, we’re experts in customer service — and we’re ready to take the weight off your shoulders.

Our team of UK based, experienced, outsourced agents can provide both technical support and day-to-day help for each and every one of your customers, so you don’t have to.

We communicate with your customers across all of your existing channels including social media, or work with you to build new channels for your customers.

Get in touch with The SaaSy People today, and start exploring a more efficient way of delivering unbeatable customer experience.