Unlocking Business Success: The Power of Choosing the Perfect SaaS for Customer Experience‍

“CX, or customer experience, encapsulates everything a business or an organisation does to put customers first, managing their journeys and serving their needs.” - Mckinsey.

Now more than ever, businesses are refining their current Customer Support offering and enhancing their CX strategies whilst looking for innovative ways to keep customers engaged and connected to their brands. Knowledge is power, and when our customers' needs are understood, we can effectively educate and grow brand connections to meet needs, heighten CX and aid in revenue growth. 

Understanding The Customer Journey and Utilising SaaS

Understanding the customer journey is an essential part of the process to elevate customer experience and allow seamless customer connections. According to Sprout Social, when customers feel connected to brands, more than half of consumers (57%) will spend more with that brand, and 76% will buy from them over a competitor. So, where to start? Mapping out your customer journey is an ideal starting point. Deloitte states the importance of empowering consumers at every stage by understanding the journey, the opportunities within each step, and how consumers interact during and between each part of the process is crucial to success. The customer journey is less linear than ever before, and ensuring customers remain satisfied through each part of the process and understanding those touchpoints is critical to success. 

So, you’ve mapped the customer journey and have a firm grasp on those touch points, moving on to selecting the best SaaS platform. It isn’t just about choosing a SaaS platform but ensuring the correct implementation aligns with your overall business outcomes. Utilising a SaaS platform isn’t one-size-fits-all, with customer journeys and business outcomes differing from business to business. Don’t let this become a daunting task! SaaSy has worked on hundreds of implementations and optimisations of SaaS platforms to meet business needs to retain and delight customers. Take out the need for testing and learning and allow our experts to handle those intricate details and receive positive ROI faster. 

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Driving Efficiency Through AI

Utilising AI is a fantastic way of adding value and heightening the overall customer experience. According to Forbes, when SaaS is combined with AI's immense potential, it allows businesses to extract the most value from their investment by gaining deeper, value-added insights from their data, automating and personalising products, solutions and services—and supercharging human capacity to previously unthinkable levels.

Allow your team time to focus on the most meaningful tasks and drive efficiencies using AI capabilities for triaging and signposting customers to articles and knowledge bases within your website. According to Zendesk, not being able to harness the power of that data means companies face real danger. The ability to access, analyse, and surface data to the right people at the right time is at the heart of what consumers increasingly demand: personalised, immersive experiences where they feel indeed seen and heard. Capitalise on the seamless integration from bot to human to heighten customer experience and keep your customers connected to your brand.

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Heighten The Post Sale Experience 

Creating an effective onboarding process is a fantastic way to offer upfront support, guidance and education on your business products and services. McKinsey states investing in this overlooked aspect of customer experience represents an opportunity for competitive differentiation, greater process efficiency, and future revenue growth. Understanding how we can connect with our customers post-sale is a crucial part of the process. According to Zendesk, 88% of people said they’re likelier to remain loyal to a business that provides welcoming, educational onboarding content. 

Investing in a SaaS platform to implement your onboarding process will support efficiency, increase customer knowledge and shorten time to value (TTV), meaning results from your investment will be returned faster. A project management tool, such as monday.com, is an ideal platform to support onboarding. Tailor made project boards are created to initiate tasks to ensure your client has taken the appropriate actions to effectively capitalise on investing in your product/service. Set tasks, follow the customer journey and transition through the stages to ensure an effective onboarding is completed. For ultimate transparency, the freedom to include customers in your workspace, where appropriate, is optional. An effective onboarding process should not only fill the customer with knowledge of your product/service but also gain a psychological investment and trust in your brand, creating repeat business. 

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