Protecting Our Planet

Protecting our planet by planting trees


We are passionate about protecting our planet and are hugely proud of our commitment and achievements to date to further better the environment. In less than 12 months, we have planted 14,000 trees, funded 28 environmental projects worldwide and avoided 85.74 tonnes of CO2e - in real terms, that's roughly 257 metres2 of sea ice saved! But how did we get here?

The Beginning

Our aim, start simple! Simple changes such as going paperless and allowing employees to work from home were an excellent introduction for our business to begin to think more sustainably and eliminate a portion of our carbon footprint. Although this was a great starting point, we knew we would need further help to make a more impactful and measurable contribution towards saving our planet.

‍Cue Ecologi!‍

Working with Ecologi is simple. Ecologi are certified planters allowing our business to track planting and understand the worldwide projects we contribute towards. We looked at our business model and processes to understand where we could make sustainability commitments. We provide the data, and Ecologi provides metrics to ensure we’re on the right track to meeting our goals of becoming a carbon-neutral business by the end of 2023 and climate positive by 2024.

‍Our Processes 

Our first point of call was understanding our carbon output, with a proportion coming from our exec team’s travel. Then, as standard, we agreed to plant at least 500 trees monthly to offset our carbon output and become a carbon-positive management team. Furthermore, we committed to carbon-neutral onboarding, meaning every new client attained, we committed to additional tree planting. Finally, we incentivised our NPS responses and promised to plant 5 trees for every customer response. So, overall, The SaaSy People and our customers continue to contribute to protecting our planet! 

‍Top Tips

Helping the environment doesn’t need to be complicated. Start today by:

  • Make those small changes and be mindful of how your employees work, from their commute to paper consumption. Every little helps!
  • Find a great partner to help reach your sustainability goals and create impactful climate solutions.
  • Understand how your business processes can positively impact your carbon footprint.