Phundex and The SaaSy People Partnership Announcement 

Phundex and The SaaSy People have formed a strategic partnership to provide sales and customer support to Phundex clients throughout the client lifecycle.

Phundex and the award-winning The SaaSy People have signed a Partnership Agreement committing resources to continuously enhance support for Phundex clients. This means that Phundex's customers have access to full online and in-person support when signing up and using the Phundex platform.

"We are delighted to be working with The SaaSy People to provide full support for our Phundex clients. While testing Phundex with our foundational clients, we realized that fully integrated support was critical to our clients success and user experience, and we wanted the best support available for them.  It became clear from our very first conversation with the SaaSy People that they have the same ethos as we do – making the Phundex client experience a great one."

Heather-Anne Hubbell, CEO, Phundex

“We’re really excited to begin working with Phundex supporting their new technology platform. Phundex shares our belief that a great customer support experience is key to success, our partnership will mean every Phundex customer will be fully supported by our UK based teams whenever they have a question or need assistance.”

Reece Couchman, CEO, The SaaSy People 

About Phundex

Phundex is an exciting new platform creating an end-to-end digital pathway that supports collaboration between family offices, innovation hubs, funds, administrators, and investors, across the investment lifecycle.

Our centralised process, transaction and data management hub improves efficiency, reduces operational risk and enable real-time collaboration across all stakeholders.  Think of Phundex as a combination of Trello, document management and Data room and a document signing facility, all on one platform.  We've worked in the industry for years, so we designed Phundex to streamline and standardise processes, improve go-to-market time and provide better transparency and disclosure. . Completely configurable to your processes, Phundex streamlines activities, allows you to collaborate with internal and external team members and provides status dashboards with every step of the way.

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About The SaaSy People 

The SaaSy People provide award-winning 100% UK based fully managed, multi-channel outsourced customer support tailored for growing businesses, in a simple monthly format. 

We can handle all of your customer support enquiries via any channels you choose, at the hours you choose - our teams are online 24x7. This ensures your existing customers retain a positive impression of your business and quickly become brand advocates.

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