New Ways Of Working: Project & Process Management‍

“Leaders face an atmosphere of ambiguity while managing in a hybrid environment. They have limited visibility into workloads and processes.” - McKinsey. 

Since COVID-19, hybrid and remote working have become the new normal, increasing employee satisfaction and work-life balance. For many employees, this has been hugely beneficial; according to HR Grapevine, almost three-quarters (71%) of UK workers say having a good work-life balance is the main reason for job satisfaction and tops the list of priorities. On the other hand, HBR reports managers believe that work-from-home reduces productivity. At the same time, employees think it massively increases it, which may leave you asking:

  • How can you track projects and process management when accounting for staff working in multiple locations?
  • How can you effectively identify opportunities to collaborate and innovate within your business?
  • How can employees be aligned and work towards the same business goal when working remotely?


The Power In Your Processes

Process Management is essential when working with teams across multiple locations. You may have teams working at different office locations, overseas or from home; however, ensuring you have the platforms to aid in effective process management for task management, resource allocation, and performance management is essential to harnessing business success. provides direction with seamlessly aligned goals to manage and delegate tasks, enhance alignment across teams and ensure business goals are met every time. 

It’s important to note that simply purchasing seats isn’t necessarily going to be the answer to your prayers. Customising and tailoring your experience is essential for business success. That’s where it’s time to #getsaasy. Our team of SaaSy experts have worked on hundreds of implementations, migrations and optimisations around the globe, and we've also developed a host of best practices for across several industries!

We understand that customising your dashboards and displaying the data you need plays a crucial role in reaching your goals faster than ever. Allow your teams to work cross-functionally to ensure you’re using the proper knowledge and expertise from your talent to attain business targets quickly and efficiently. 

Collaboration For Innovation

The power is in your processes and your people. Your business thrives from the talent within, and what better way to maximise innovation than cross-team collaboration? Collaboration isn’t just about new ideas; it’s creating a space for optimal growth through varied perspectives, increased knowledge and effective problem-solving whilst strengthening relationships across the business. 

The main aim of collaboration is to utilise employees' skills to enhance business projects from idea to execution. The why? Improved products and services, optimising solutions to meet needs more effectively, and, in turn, increasing revenue and business expansion! Top tips from for cross-team collaboration:

  • Improve your cross-functional communication: Adding comments, sending updates, and tracking progress on our project boards
  • Keep the rest of the team updated: Integrations with all major instant messaging and communications tools,  and our time-saving automated alerts and reminders
  • Easily manage complex cross-functional projects: Assign owners, set clear deadlines, follow the status of individual projects, and keep stakeholders up-to-date.

The Cherry On The Cake: work management for Employee Experience (EX) 

Employee Experience (EX) isn’t just about perks; it reflects an employee's perception of the company they work for. How about shifting the focus to investing in a platform your employees will love to use? Add meaning to their day-to-day work whilst keeping teams accountable and showing them how their efforts equate to the bigger business picture.

Utilising for work management can positively impact employee mental well-being. gives complete visibility over workloads and workflow, diminishes micromanaging and gives management a full view of an employee's workload. The 360 work management view instils trust between management and employees, as the platform shows tasks and workloads. 

As part of the board features, employees can create clear task deadlines and communicate with team members within the task. An influential line of communication is formed and should remain relevant to the task alongside tracking and updating task progress, diminishing the need for micromanagement and highlighting team demands, allowing leadership to step in before potential task overload or burnout occurs.

If you want to learn more about how can enhance your process management, elevate efficiency, and provide new experiences for your employees and customers alike, click here.