Learn How To Optimize Your Sales Process With monday.com sales CRM!

Learn How To Optimize Your Sales Process With monday.com sales CRM!

On May 17th 2023, we’re giving you the lowdown on monday.com sales CRM. If you want to optimise your sales process, gain insight into why thousands of companies are switching to monday.com sales CRM, understand the unique features, and learn how to close deals faster, then this webinar is for you!

Enhance Sales Performance

According to Forbes, sales staff spend 35.2% of their time on actual selling. How can managers understand this without micromanagement? We’ll show you how monday.com sales CRM allows complete visibility of sales processes and where deals are dropping out of your sales pipeline. Move away from duplicating work and allow for a lean sales approach by understanding how monday.com sales CRM can create efficiencies within your processes. 

Live Demo

Get amongst the action and view the monday.com sales CRM platform to appreciate the potential fully. Learn how to expand your reach with mass emailing, learn about the all-new quoting and invoicing, and import leads at scale from multiple sources. We’re taking you through the entire process so you can win business and close deals quicker than ever before!

Automation, Customisation and Collaboration 

Understand how automation, customisation, and collaboration can positively impact your workflows. First, automate repetitive work and sales processes to save valuable time. Second, customise your CRM to meet your business needs. Third, centralise internal and external communication to enhance collaborative work opportunities. 

We’ve Given You A Flavour; Now It’s Your Turn!

To learn how to maximise your sales processes and be amongst thousands of other scaling businesses moving to monday.com sales CRM, register below to join us on May 17th at 3 pm. Plus, an exclusive offer awaits all attendees at the end of the webinar.