Is Your Customer Support Process A Maze or Amazing?

Even in 2021, there are sadly many customer support processes that leave a lot to be desired when it comes to customer experience.

In a recent Intercom survey of over 500 support managers, 73% said customer expectations are increasing, but only 42% were sure they’re meeting those expectations.

Customers in 2021 don’t want a convoluted process to get the support they need, but nor do they want no process, where they are muddled through few teams, none of whom are trained to deal with customers directly.

The technology is in place to ensure this doesn’t happen, so why aren't businesses using it? 

Customer support hasn’t kept up with the tech.

Instead too many customer support processes are too much like a maze, rather than amazing.

So, what does a (metaphorical) customer support maze look like?

Different agents covering different contact channels

Having one team for calls, one team answering emails, one team answering live chats, with another for social media interactions, may sound like a logical methodology, however when it comes to customer support it just doesn't make sense.

A customer wants to speak to an agent on the phone, who they can later email, or chat with on messenger, who doesn't need filling in on their query, and can instead spring into action to help their customer - with that personal touch!

Having all contact options covered has a number of benefits:

Your customers can keep in touch with the same agent across channels.
The service is consistent across all channels.
Support agents get variety in their day - they need respite from a flow of calls, because everyone knows how exhausting that that can be.
Agents can help one another out to ensure they get the best results for their customers.

Keep it simple, train your whole team at once, rather than requiring training for separate teams, who technically do the same job, just with different equipment.  

Only using one contact channel

Customers today are varied, there are an equal number of people in older generations who are not likely to get to grips with online support, as there are of the younger generation who have no time for calling and waiting to speak to an agent over the phone.

Businesses need to be flexible when it comes to customer support. Offering a range of channels ensures your customers feel provided for, and valued as they have options that suit them.

We recommend these four key channels:

Live Chat
Social Media

This mixture of channels should cover a businesses customer base completely.

Agents whose first language is different to their customers

Although offshore outsourcing is a cheaper option for businesses, it is not a better option for your customers.

To be able to provide that personalised service a business must ensure that language is not a barrier between their support team and their customers.

Having no customer support process

Balance, as always, is key.

Having no process in place is as unhelpful to your customers as having too convoluted a process.

This may be more important to smaller businesses and start ups. However, in our experience having no customer support process can hinder a businesses.

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