Introducing SaaSy AI!

We are proud to kickstart 2024 with the launch of our brand-new SaaSy AI! SaaSy AI redefines the gold standard of automation within customer support. Our innovative & fully managed solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your CRM system, delighting your customers whenever they contact you, all without any setup or training required by you or your teams.

SaaSy AI is powered by the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLM) and generative AI; it’s a game changer in customer communication and support. Our AI-powered virtual agent can understand up to 109 languages; you can get started in hours with all the setup done for you, all for just 99p per resolution*.

“The launch of SaaSy AI showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional customer support experiences. Over the last 6 months, AI has become a cornerstone of many business processes, and in a recent Zendesk survey, over 70% of consumers stated they expect AI to elevate their experience when they contact a company's customer service team. For just 99p per resolution, SaaSy AI will seamlessly integrate with your CRM and start to answer customer’s questions. All of the setup and ongoing training is done for you, a first for any customer service AI solution on the market.” - Reece Couchman, CEO & Founder - The SaaSy People

We aim to seamlessly blend the most advanced AI technology into your existing customer support processes to maximise customer experience and create brand advocates with repeat customers. SaaSy AI isn’t your regular customer support bot; it delivers a natural AI-powered experience, providing tailored responses and driving your business towards new horizons of customer satisfaction. The future of customer support starts with SaaSy AI, enhancing customer interactions, delivering instant resolutions, and fuelling your business growth.

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*Based on 250 resolutions per month.