Innovation Through Collaboration: monday work management‍

“While many factors can play a role in creating the ideal office culture, few things can prove more important than building a culture of collaboration. In fact, working in a collaborative setting makes employees 50% more effective at task completion while also boosting their engagement and motivation.” - Forbes.

UK Parliament reports that businesses cite improved staff wellbeing as the key reason to increase homeworking in the future. However, challenges included difficulties collaborating with others and staff feeling disconnected from work organisations. This has been an ongoing challenge since the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we remain connected, work collectively to innovate and generate better business results? Innovating through collaboration couldn’t be made simpler when implementing 

Work Management for Cross-Team Collaboration 

Let’s start from the beginning. In an ideal world, businesses want to create an environment where their teams can converse, clearly understand how to achieve tasks and manage task progression while allowing cross-collaboration efforts to drive innovation. What if we could create that ideal world?

“Leaders face an atmosphere of ambiguity while managing in a hybrid environment. They have limited visibility into workloads and processes. They have fewer opportunities for impromptu two-way conversations. They fight the feeling of losing control as they track progress toward goals.” - Mckinsey.

Say hello to monday work management!

Utilising monday work management is fantastic for executing processes feeding into the broader business strategy. Collaboration isn’t about giving employees complete visibility over every single business project or process; according to, collaboration involves two or more people working together to achieve a shared goal. However, let’s not confuse collaboration with simply brainstorming a few ideas and working on a shared project together. To successfully innovate through collaborative working, let’s make things SPECIFIC.

Strategy: First and foremost, what is the overall business goal and objective? How do we get from A to B, and what individual team goals must be achieved to achieve that overall business aim. What expertise are we seeking to cross-collaborate to create innovative ideas to drive business growth, and what workspaces do we need to make to meet those goals?

People: Next, let’s look at who needs to be included. This won’t necessarily be all staff within the same department. Delve into the skillset required and, focus on the individual, think about the employees within other business functions that will feed into those wins to support the overall business goal. 

Execution: This is where the magic happens. We effectively implement or optimise your monday work management set-up to incorporate the right people and app integrations within your boards to allow you to reach these goals, all within Understanding your business needs and processes for collaborative working is essential in creating the best environments for your teams to thrive and successfully innovate together.

Cross-Team: This is where we can hone in on the collaboration opportunities. The social element of permits you to go wider than collaborating within your organisation. Allow opportunities for partners, joint ventures or collaborative projects to take place within monday work management to create a cohesive environment for innovation. 

Information: The more information we harness on your current processes, the better the opportunity for enhancements. Allow our experts to create or optimise your monday environments to generate more opportunities for your teams to work cohesively. We weren’t lying when we said we could keep everything in one place. Collaborate using Docs, update files when needed within items and sync your emails to keep all information in one place. 

Features: Ensure your boards are optimised for the most efficient working methods, using monday work management features that can best support your teams. Utilise functions and app integrations to form a solid foundation for innovation within your business. Allow us to create ease within your team for a natural collaborative effort. We continue to support and offer a helping hand with SaaSy Managed Services, meaning we continue to optimise your account and troubleshoot as needed.

Innovation: Utilise features and allow employees to apply their skills within their area of expertise whilst creating an open environment for teams to discuss ideas collectively within each task stage. Create sub-items to track task progression further and continue the conversation, adding depth to each area of your process. 

Customer: What does this mean for your customers? You’re streamlining processes, giving more time to focus on your customers. From developing breakthrough products to enhancing overall Customer Experience (CX) through increased productivity, further scope for collaborative working and a space for innovation, all whilst effectively managing time!

Effectively utilise your team resources through implementing opportunities for collaboration with monday work management. SaaSy has delivered hundreds of monday implementation and optimisation projects via our team of certified monday experts. 

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