How we create a Better Customer Experience with Vonage Contact Center

Our CEO sat down with Vonage, one of our key partners, to discuss how we create a better customer experience using their platform. You can read how and watch the video below!

The SaaSy People employs a team of award-winning customer support experts that can match a brand’s voice and ensure customers are delighted with the service they recieve.

“We believe that an amazing customer service experience drives customer loyalty,” said Reece Couchman, Founder and CEO of The SaaSy People. “Our mission is to help startups and growing businesses ensure that they can stay ahead of the competition and meet the demands of the modern customer. In order to deliver on that mission, we needed to build a differentiated, world-class contact center that can be tailored to our customers’ needs.”

Vonage Contact Center (VCC) offers all of the capabilities and tools that The SaaSy People needs to meet changing customer needs faster and at lower cost, from dynamic call routing to analytics and work from anywhere capabilities. With VCC, The SaaSy People teams can communicate with confidence and deliver exceptional CX on behalf of customers.

Deep Integrations, Meaningful Contacts

To deliver personalized, meaningful connections across every channel, businesses need a contact center solution that can be deeply integrated into their CRM, and VCC is purpose-built to integrate seamlessly and intuitively into some of the top CRMs available, including Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams. For The SaaSy People, this flexibility of platform is key.

“Because we provide outsourced customer support to a wide variety of businesses and industries, it is crucial that we have the ability to work across different CRM platforms without sacrificing agent or customer experience,” explains Couchman. “Vonage Contact Center allows us to configure customized customer connections, provide agents with contextual information at their fingertips and improve agent-customer engagement across channels.”

Flexible, Scalable Customer Support - Anytime, Anywhere

Providing agents with the right tools and a frictionless experience enables them to deliver all-around excellent customer engagement.

“For our agents, Vonage offers very simple onboarding and setup within minutes - without a complicated process or hoops to jump through,” noted Couchman. “VCC is a flexible, fully scalable and world-class solution which allows us in turn to provide our customers the very best in customer support and success.”

With access to their Vonage dashboard across multiple devices, SaaSy People reps can do their best work anytime, anywhere. And with customer-focused features like queue callback, agents can connect with customers at their preferred time, and on their preferred channel, meeting the customer when and where they want to engage for a superior experience.

Built for the Future

The SaaSy People provides best-in-class customer support to growing businesses across industries, which means it requires a contact center provider built to meet - and exceed - customer needs now and in the future. With Vonage, The SaaSy People has found not only a provider, but a partner with the tools and capabilities needed to be innovative, intuitive and future-proof.

“We see Vonage as a key partner in our growth,” explained Couchman. “A lot of our customers already have some level of a contact center solution in place when they first come to us. But when we show them the power of what we can do, paired with what Vonage can do, it’s almost a guarantee that the combination of SaaSy People reps and Vonage technology can provide a better customer experience than their existing solution.”

Is it time to outsource your customer support, with The SaaSy People?

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