How monday sales CRM Can Drive Revenue Growth

‍“A sales process is not static; it should be refined and improved over time. Get feedback from salespeople, measure buyer behaviour, and track and analyse sales data to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales process” - Forbes

A fluid sales process will enable further development and enhancements with time. The ability to review success and follow structured processes through the deal stages, all whilst using a centralised platform, will evolve growth areas. Investing in a CRM isn’t just about capturing lead data but also having a 360 view of sales performance, account growth and areas for revenue expansion. With this in mind, cue monday sales CRM!

‍Goal Setting For Success‍

Goals, targets, objectives, every business has a result they’re looking to achieve. The importance is how our sales strategies feed into the end business result. monday sales CRM allows complete visibility over the sales process, allowing your business development teams to understand where they are against their targets and how these feed into the overall business strategy and end goal. Having visibility over personal, team and business targets creates accountability for employees to gain awareness of how these objectives feed into the comprehensive business planning, allowing for success across the business.

‍Complete Visibility Over Your Sales Pipeline‍

According to, effectively managing your sales force isn’t just about maximising revenue and squeezing the most out of what you’ve got. It’s about creating a repeatable process that will produce consistent results when adequately maintained and fed. Once that process is formed, having complete visibility over every stage of the deal is paramount to success. Inputting data from the first point of contact and tracking the lead is essential when moving the client through the deal stages. Utilise monday sales CRM’s unique features to create reminders and collaborate with other teams to successfully move the client forward and close deals faster than ever before.

Centralise For Success

Enhance productivity and elevate efficiency by utilising monday sales CRM’s email and activity features. Centralise for success and schedule meetings by simply syncing your email account, and receive automatic notifications whenever you receive email communications all within the monday sales CRM platform. It doesn’t end there. Send invoices and quotes to ensure consistent formatting across the business. Simply enter the client information, date and invoice details and let monday sales CRM do the rest. Centralising communications allows full reporting, data and insights into your pipelines, processes, targets and overall team performance.

‍Avoid Overwhelm & #getsaasy‍

Don’t become overwhelmed with implementing or optimising your current set-up. If you’re new to or have an account already, our team have worked on hundreds of implementations and optimisations. We know what’s hot and what’s not! Whether you are looking for personalisation across your monday sales CRM platform or unlocking complete visibility over your sales pipeline, allow our team to create dashboards to suit your needs to ensure your teams reach their goals. Gain 360 insight into your accounts, deal process and revenue growth with The SaaSy People and monday sales CRM. 

The Takeaway

If you want to refine your sales process through practical target setting, gain complete visibility of your sales pipeline, and centralise your sales process for success, speak with one of our experts today. Click for more!