How Live Chat has Changed Customer Support Forever

I want to preface this blog post by making it clear that The SaaSy People provide customer support via all channels, and appreciate what each different type brings to the table. However, as an official Intercom Partner we know a thing or two about utilising live chat to the max! 

One of the biggest shifts we’re seeing is in how customers want to communicate with support teams. According to Forrester’s research, prior to the pandemic, messaging was ranked fifth overall in terms of channel usage. Now, it’s second. 

In day-to-day life messaging is becoming the number one means of communication. It's fast, simple and can be accessed across multiple devices. No wonder the majority of customers want their customer support to incorporate it.

Messaging provides a faster, more efficient customer experience.

“Not only are the majority of support teams getting more queries – sometimes even twice as many – but those queries are also harder to resolve”


The increase in customer x business interactions necessitates businesses to up their game when it comes to live chat support.

73% of customers say that valuing their time is integral to a good customer support experience, according to an Intercom survey. This time can be saved by having a chat with a customer support representative. No queuing in a call line necessary.

“I think we all expect a level of emotional empathy in our interactions due to the environment we’re all in,”

Says Jean-Bernard Baptiste, Senior Manager of Customer Support at HubSpot. (Intercom)

With the latest technology chat does everything email does - and more. Sharing pictures, links and other files is as easy, if not easier than its is via email. Chat does all of this without the formality of email. A customer knows that there is a human on the other side of the conversation who is working to help and support them.

Email also doesn’t allow for the kind of self-serve support and smart automation functionalities that can resolve queries instantly in live chats, so your customers don’t need to wait to talk to a support rep at all – saving everyone valuable time.

Proactive support and increased automation are two ways that live chat enhances the experience for customers. By AI in chats gathering information before speaking to an agent, once the conversation has started the agent is up to speed with the query and can crack on with getting it resolved for the customer.

Live chat is a game changer in customer support. It provides customers a familiar conversation format, a personalised touch, without having to compromise the sharing abilities of email.

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