How Happy Support Equals Happy Customers

Customer service is all about people. 

Having a happy, empowered and passionate customer service team is a huge benefit to a business. There are a number of ways that a happy customer support team can positively impact your business as it evolves and grows.

In 2019 a study at Oxford university found that happiness increases productivity by 13%. 

“We found that when workers are happier, they work faster by [taking] more calls per hour worked” - Professor De Neve.

Which is a win for your business AND a win for your customers! A proactive customer support team, who work equally efficiently and empathetically, provide your customers a valuable service, as they feel their query has been dealt with quickly, but with the personal touch.

Your customers are constantly assessing their experience with your business, whether they’re conscious of it or not. Their experience, therefore is crucial to the growth of your business, as an acquisition costs around 600% more than a retention, on average.

When they speak with a happy representative, who has the ability and the powers to solve their problem, without having to pass it along to five different departments, they notice.

Obviously, it's not always that simple - sometimes to get the best outcome for your customers customer support have to ask their colleagues in different departments for solutions.

However, having a dedicated team of customer support agents, who know every aspect of your product/ service like the back of their hand, is a huge asset to any business. ‍

These are the three elements The SaaSy People look for in all of our agents:

These three attributes epitomise an effective customer support agent.

In all customer interactions, the employee experience is the cornerstone. Receiving a passionate, proactive and personal response to any query, customers feel valued as well as reassured.

According to a PWC report 46% of all consumers will abandon a brand if the employees are not knowledgeable, highlighting the need for a passionate and proactive team, who care about your customers as much as they care about the product/ service they are supporting. 

Not only does happy support staff have a huge difference in customer experience but a positive attitude will rub off on others in the workplace, thus creating a positive support network, which leads to higher levels of collaboration, and idea development within the whole team.

‍Is it time to outsource your customer support, with The SaaSy People?

Happy Customer service is an essential part of running a successful business, whatever the size.

We proudly showcase our 5 Star employee satisfaction on our Glassdoor profile and have been accredited OpenCompany status.

At The SaaSy People, we’re experts in customer service — and we’re ready to take the weight off your shoulders. Our team of experienced, outsourced agents can provide both technical support and day-to-day help for each and every one of your customers, so you don’t have to.

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Ellie Smeeton