#getsaasy Up Snowdon

"At The SaaSy People, we believe mental health support isn't just a workplace initiative; it's a core value.  That's why we're hiking Snowdon –  to raise awareness and demonstrate our commitment to building a resilient, supportive community." - Reece Couchman, Founder & CEO.

Join us this April and #getsaasy up Snowdon! As a business, we offer help, support and guidance to advocate positive mental health to create a safe environment for our team to thrive. We work to encourage and develop strong working relationships to ensure our team feel supported and that they can communicate openly with each other. 

2024 marks the year The SaaSy People launch our first-ever fundraising event. With there being so much emphasis on getting outdoors to improve mental health, we felt strongly that taking on the challenge of climbing Snowdon, the highest peak in England and Wales, is an incredible way to get a team together and celebrate our individual and collective success, mirroring what we as a business do every single day. 

Why? To raise money for our chosen charity, Mind. Mind’s work closely aligns with our own mental health initiative; our healthy minds allow us to come together, grow, develop, and support each other when needed the most!

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