Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

Do you have an upcoming event or promotion, or are you entering a historically busy period? Managing customer support during these periods should be front of mind. It's easy to focus on the business event or period itself; however, ensuring your response times remain unaffected is vital in maintaining your overall customer experience. 


Firstly, let's take a look at timing. For example, are you looking to host a big sale or seasonal event which may cause an increase in online sales and queries? Or historically, do public holidays heighten your customer contact? Defining when these busy periods are likely to occur before they happen is essential in managing and maintaining quality customer relationships and experiences. 


According to Forbes, 89% of companies that lead with customer experience perform better financially than their peers. One way to boost customer satisfaction is to ensure your customers receive prompt responses via any channel they choose. In addition, put yourself in the customers' shoes, think about how and when they will likely want to communicate with your business and tailor your approach to meet their needs to strengthen the experience further. 


Have you got the workforce to ensure you're offering the customer support modern customers expect? Zendesk state 74% of global consumers who they often interact with help say their customer service standards have risen over the past year. So, having the people and processes to handle your customer support queries is essential to success. 

‍Food For Thought:

  • Look at your timing. Are you about to enter a period of heightened customer contact volumes? Can you reply to your customers as quickly as modern customers expect?
  • Are your channels configured for customers to connect with your brand seamlessly, providing a positive experience?
  • Do you have the people to respond to your customers promptly when they contact you?

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