Expanding Your Customer Support Team With SaaSy

Did you know The SaaSy People aren't just supporting businesses without in-house customer support teams? We can also work alongside your existing customer support teams, adding value and helping elevate the customer experience.

Overflow Support

According to Zendesk, 75% of people are willing to spend more money on a brand that provides a stellar experience. When managing a growing business, it's not uncommon for the demands on your in-house customer support team to fluctuate. There are times when the workload may surpass its capacity due to seasonal peaks, product launches, or unexpected surges in customer contact. This is where partnering with SaaSy for overflow support can be incredibly beneficial. 

By partnering with us, you can ensure that your customers receive prompt and efficient service, even during high-volume periods, without compromising the quality of your in-house team's work. We bring scalability and flexibility to your operations, allowing you to scale up or down based on demand quickly. 

Don't leave your team snowed under - our expert customer support teams are ready to help! Plus, our incredible team of supervisors complete daily quality checks to ensure your customers have the most seamless experience whilst reassuring you that your calls, tickets and inbox volumes receive a prompt response.

Out Of Hours Support

Are your in-house support team walking into customer support queries daily? Forbes state fast and responsive customer support can prevent minor issues from escalating into significant concerns. Providing exceptional customer support means assisting customers whenever needed, even outside regular business hours. However, managing a round-the-clock in-house customer support team can be costly and challenging. This is where partnering with SaaSy for out-of-hours support can be a game-changer. 

By entrusting your after-hours support to us, we ensure that your customers receive timely assistance no matter the time zone or day of the week. Our 100% direct hires team provides 24/7 support, meaning your customers will never have to wait for a response or risk feeling neglected. Not only does this enhance customer satisfaction, but it also helps you maintain a competitive edge by providing a superior level of service. Outsourcing out-of-hours support enables your in-house team to focus on core business operations during regular hours while ensuring your customers always have help when needed. 

We understand the modern customer and their growing needs, offering a customer support service 24/7/365. 


Triaging customer service queries is understanding, prioritising and allocating customers to the appropriate channels, queues or teams to ensure they receive the correct response. Triage is a critical process in customer support that efficiently prioritises and categorises customer issues based on their urgency and severity. However, it can be challenging for an in-house team to handle this task effectively, especially during high-volume periods. This is where partnering with SaaSy for triaging issues can prove invaluable. We bring a wealth of experience and specialised expertise in efficiently assessing and categorising customer issues based on predefined criteria. 

Our teams can quickly identify critical issues requiring immediate attention and escalate them accordingly. This ensures that urgent problems are promptly addressed and helps optimise the workload distribution for your in-house team. 

What are you waiting for?

By partnering with us to handle your triage process, you can streamline support operations, reduce response times, and improve overall customer satisfaction. Allow your team time to focus on the most meaningful work and let The SaaSy People do the rest!

Contact us for more if you want to level up customer support and take customer experience to new heights.