Elevating Experience, Efficiency and Expansion With SaaSy AI‍

“2024 will mark a watershed moment for generative artificial intelligence, triggering a metamorphosis across the global economic landscape as businesses wake up to its broad potential. Advanced generative algorithms will reach new heights in capability, accessibility and scalability - catalysing widespread adoption” - Forbes.

Most businesses are familiar with AI, along with a general understanding of its powers, intellect and functions. Last month, we launched SaaSy AI with capabilities to communicate in 109 languages, natural-sounding conversations to match your brand’s tone of voice and a team of experts to continuously train and optimise the bot to ensure it meets your standards. But how does this impact your business, keep customers and employees loving your brand and fuel business growth?

We’re All About Experience

Customer experience (CX) has been an integral part of most business strategies over the last 12 months, with more businesses than ever looking to increase experience and expand revenue generation by focusing on how to delight existing customers further. According to Zendesk CX Trends 2024, 62% of CX leaders feel they are lagging behind in providing consumers with more instant experiences. Our fully managed solution is continually optimised by our team of experts, meaning there isn’t any need to add internal training, set-up is completed for you, and 40% of your customer interactions can be automated from day 1!  Ultimate AI reports repetitive, monotonous work searching for relevant information in various systems, which are significant factors in why employees feel unhappy and form part of the immense frustration points. AI can support employees by eliminating tedious search tasks. AI-based “internal search systems” will find relevant information in a fraction of the time. Utilising SaaSy AI’s intelligence, allowing the bot to answer queries and direct back to humans when needed, eliminating the need for repetitive work and allowing employees to focus on the most meaningful work to support and drive business goals.

Efficiency Over Elimination

SaaSy AI aims to allow employees further opportunities to flourish by eliminating repetitive tasks. Forbes reports that 63% of companies have adopted AI and increased the number of staff, whilst 28% indicated no change to headcount since adding AI into the mix. What AI and other technologies are doing in the customer support world is taking care of lower-level questions and problems that simply require automated responses, allowing agents to focus on more significant, more complicated issues. What does this look like for customer support? Lower-level problems are taken care of faster by utilising AI capabilities. Issues requiring more time and effort from support staff are being handled quicker and more efficiently due to the time freed up by bots. Thus externally equating to happier customers and higher levels of CX whilst allowing an increase in productivity and higher levels of job satisfaction, raising the bar for EX.

Revenue Expansion With SaaSy AI - Where The Magic Happens!

In a recent HBR survey, nearly 80% of employees reported that automation gave them more time to deepen relationships with customers and other stakeholders, take on challenging new projects, and learn new skills. Powered by the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLM) and generative AI, SaaSy AI is not just a tool; it’s a game changer in customer communication and support. What does this mean? The robust nature of SaaSy AI allows the bot to respond and handle customer queries instantly, enabling rapid response time and meeting customer needs faster than ever before. This means teams can turn their focus internally, allowing more time to harness internal relationships and work collaboratively with other teams. Forrester estimates that enterprise AI initiatives will free up to 50% more time in 2024 for employees to engage in creative problem-solving, drive customer-centric innovation and generate business value. Employing SaaSy AI isn’t just about meeting customer needs quicker; it’s freeing your talent to do what they do best. What could adding 50% more time to your workforce do for your business? Imagine meeting business goals quicker, having additional time to become more innovative and hitting targets faster. Sound tempting?

The Takeaway

If you want to enhance customer and employee experience alike, create rapid response times for CS queries and free up time for your staff to focus on the most meaningful work, get in touch with one of our experts today. 

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