Common Myths about Outsourced Customer Support Debunked! 

It’s not surprising to hear that The SaaSy People team are passionate about debunking all negative myths surrounding outsourced customer support!

However, that doesn't mean we don't hear them, and refute them frequently.

For a growing business, who wants to take care of their customers but doesn't have the time or the resource to create a full customer support team, partnering with an expert outsourced customer support team could be the difference between highly satisfied, engaged and returning customers vs a high churn rate of disgruntled customers.

So here is our list of five myths surrounding outsourced customer support, and the truth.

"Outsourced Support is not based within the UK"

Although in the last couple of decades many customer service providers have all seemed to be based outside of the UK, this trend is changing. 

Customers want to speak to agents who speak their language and understand their point of view. Although outsourcing outside of the UK is cheaper, a customer may not feel that they can connect with an agent from another country. Customers want to feel that personal touch, the rapport with no jargon, which is hard to create with a language barrier.

The SaaSy People are 100% UK based, a fact that sets us aside from our competition.

"It's expensive and has hidden costs"

When you compare the cost of onboarding, training, paying their salary and covering any additional overheads they require. With an outsourced team you pay for each agent, and can scale the size of the team as you require. 

Outsourced teams only need one training session from you that they can filter through their team, saving you valuable time.

Partnering with an expert customer support team gives your business the value of their knowledge in customer behaviours. And of course, using an outsourcer means all of your customer support costs are contained within one predictable monthly invoice.

"You lose sight of your customers queries & feedback"

Communication with your outsourced partner is something you should establish in the beginning. Having strong communication channels with your outsourced partner means they can report everything that's worth you knowing. They will have processes in place that records data about the most common queries asked, allowing them to provide your business this information swiftly.

As a growing business it is imperative to understand the snags and qualms that your customers may be facing with your product or service, so this is a crucial element of building your partnership with the outsourced team. 

"You can't control the service provided"

As you onboard an outsourced customer support team, it's critical to lay out how you want your brand to be represented to your customers. Your outsourcing partner can then build a team that reflects the values you have outlined. 

An expert team will enhance every element of the support they provide, ensuring that your customers are catered to in an efficient and personal way.

"You have no access to call / chat / email stats"

Establishing an agreement with an outsourced partner means that you can have daily, weekly or monthly updates on the stats, depending on what suits you best. 

An expert support partner will also be able to provide valuable insight into the stats, and report back to you the effectiveness of each support channel, for example if your customers are predominantly contacting you via live chat they can scale their team to focus more on live chat conversations to ensure your customers are feeling completely supported.

Is it time to outsource your customer support, with The SaaSy People?

We are experts at transforming the customer support for a business of any size.

At The SaaSy People, we’re experts in customer service — and we’re ready to take the weight off your shoulders. Our team of experienced, outsourced agents can provide both technical support and day-to-day help for each and every one of your customers, so you don’t have to.

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Ellie Smeeton