Case Study: How Opening your Communication Doors will lead to an Exceptional Customer Experience ... Every Time

At The SaaSy People we are passionate about ensuring your customers are catered to, in a way that suits them and your business.

We have frequently discussed the value of having a variety of communication channels for your customers to contact you via, we have also talked about it extensively in our new ebook “Is your Business Ready for the Future of Customer Support?”, which you can download here.

Today, we wanted to emphasise the importance of how having an open door to your customers leads to exceptional experiences.

Octopus Energy have worked hard to put the customer experience first with a number of strategies:

- Abolished no-reply emails

- Welcomed each new customer with an email directly from the CEO’s work email

Yesterday Max McShane, Head of Digital at Octopus Energy, explained:
“When we put the customer first, when we don’t put off two-way communication, when we make them feel valued and in control, we create this sort of social proof and word or mouth that gets people searching for Octopus Energy online. [And] that’s largely down to trying to achieve outrageously good customer experience.”  

Allowing customers the ability to get in touch, on their terms, highlights to each customer their value to the business they are contacting.

Econsultancy reports: "When looking at Google search trends, despite Octopus Energy being the latest to market, the company has continued to grow year-on-year in comparison to its biggest competitors."

Working across multiple contact channels ensures every customer is catered to: from the individual on the go who needs a quick solution can live chat, to the individual who needs that human contact can call up and have an in depth conversation, covering all bases means no customer feels left behind.

By opening their communication lines up, and showing to customers that they were there to listen and support, Octopus Energy gained the reputation of providing exceptional customer support, thus inducing many consumers to switch energy provider.

This case study demonstrates the power of exceptional customer support. 

The most effective marketeers for a business is happy customers - reports between peers are the most trustworthy sources, and lead to acquisitions.

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