Building the Ultimate Work (from home) Force

A year on from the first ‘work from home’ orders, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reflecting on how The SaaSy People Team have maximised our productivity whilst we’re all working from home.

As a growing business, we have been through many changes within the last year, so we have some tips on maximising the work from home set up.

Onboarding The Team

  • Internal Chat.

Ensure you have a top quality internal chat system, where staff can chat, call, share files - and maybe the odd silly gif - to help them communicate between themselves effectively.

It's even better if you can link up with clients with this chat, if you so need, so everything can be communicated all in one place.

We use Slack, and it's a fantastic tool for constant communication between the team.

  • 1:1 Online Training

It's really beneficial to provide all training with an employee over video call, so they can ask any questions they have, and you can get a good idea of the progress they are making during the sessions.

  • Call Monitoring

When it comes to over the phone support, call monitoring the first few calls can be invaluable. During training, having a supervisor listen into the agent's calls - instead of sitting next to them, who can use live chat to guide the call if necessary.

  • Knowledge Bases

Create detailed knowledge bases, that cover every aspect of the role, so employees can fall back on these whenever they need extra information.

Allowing your team to edit this themselves also ensures any extra information they find can be shared by all.

  • Set clear working times.

Clocking in software allows the work day to maintain the structure it would if your team were walking into the office.

Onboarding New Clients

  • Optimise your online presence.

Now a businesses online presence is their main selling point, so ensuring this is of the highest quality is crucial.

Without the multitude of opportunities to network out in the world that we are generally used to, onboarding new clients has had to change drastically.

  • Set clear terms.

It is as important now as it's ever been to be transparent and clear with expectations when it comes to onboarding the client into your service.

Most teams are all separated at present, so everyone has to be on the same page to ensure nothing is miscommunicated, or misunderstood.

Having a document, or a video that talks through, step by step, your onboarding process ensures the process is understood by all, and avoids any uncertainty on timeline expectations.

Growing the Team

When working in an office environment it’s unlikely you will miss a new face in the team, or on your floor. However, when everyone is working from home, and focusing on their own accounts or projects, it’s a lot easier to miss a new name.

That’s why it’s so important to make a virtual song and dance about all new team members, offering your current team the opportunity to introduce themselves and welcome their new colleague.

Maintaining Team Morale

In an office environment there are generally morale boosting gestures, someone may bring in a cake for their birthday, or you may hold a competition or other small event. This is near impossible to emulate when everyone is at home.

Therefore we have had to find other ways to keep morale high.

  • Creating a ‘water cooler’ chat channel

Where colleagues can have conversations that don't necessarily relate to work, where they can share interesting or funny videos and generally keep some rapport going that would usually happen in the office.

  • Incentives for good work

Such as gift vouchers or other perks, to encourage employees to maintain a high quality of work.

  • Everyone loves a gift.

Getting a surprise gift delivered to your home is undeniably one of the best feelings, especially at the minute, so treat your employees and show them how grateful you are for their continued hard work through these hard times.

Is it time to outsource your customer support, with The SaaSy People?

‍We are so proud of the team we have built over the last 12 months. We have used these steps to ensure our team is confident in their roles, and able to provide a premium level of service to our customers.

At The SaaSy People, we’re experts in customer service — and we’re ready to take the weight off your shoulders. Our team of experienced, outsourced agents can provide both technical support and day-to-day help for each and every one of your customers, so you don’t have to.

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Ellie Smeeton