6 Reasons You Should Use Live Chat In Your SaaS Business

Live chat is fundamental to delivering an outstanding customer experience. In the blog post, we look at the top 6 reasons your SaaS businesses should be using live chat to communicate with your customers.


First and foremost, live chat enables your customers to contact you effortlessly. No longer do they need to pick up the phone to get help or dig out an email address or support portal URL – with live chat they can open communications right from within your app regardless of the device they’re using.

Live chat also allows your customers to multi-task. In fact, a survey by econsultancy.com revealed that over 51% of customers like using live chat for precisely this reason. A short wait, while their query is answered, is much more tolerable when they can do something else versus having to wait on the phone.

Another convenient factor of live chat is that the conversation can be saved. This allows your customers to refer back to previous conversations they’ve had quickly and easily, a great feature if they want to check the answer to a question they know they asked in the past.

Competitive advantage

How often have you visited a website, saw a live chat icon and clicked on it – only to find that it’s not actually live, it just gathers your details and informs you that someone will contact you via email? … Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence – however it does open up an opportunity for your business – and that’s simply to ensure your live chat is actually live!  

Your customers will value the ability to receive a response within the widget itself and not be expected to have to wait for an email response. Live chat can quickly make quality customer service core to your brand’s identity.

Increase Sales

A somewhat hidden benefit of using live chat for supporting your customers is that it can actually help increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. In the event a customer has a query about moving to your next package or service level or wants to know how they can access a new feature, live chat can help connect them to someone instantly whilst their desire to learn more (and purchase!) is high.

Save time

One of the best ways to grow a SaaS business is to maximize productivity, live chat is a key factor in exactly that. By using live chat you can take advantage of identifying the customer before they’re connected, and knowing exactly what page/screen they’re on within your application.

Your customers can quickly share screenshots or even co-browse with an agent to ensure a speedy resolution.

Save money

Live chat is the definition of a cost-effective customer support channel. Phone line rental, phone numbers and call handling tools are expensive and often priced on a per-minute basis, this is counter-intuitive to providing an excellent customer experience as you’re paying more for speaking to the customer longer!

Build customer satisfaction

Live chat can also work in ‘reverse’ – by that, we mean that you can initiate a chat with one of your customers for any number of reasons, from simply finding out how they’re getting on using your platform to promoting a new product that you’ve just released or feature pilot you have coming up.

Using live chat to keep in touch with your customers is a great way to keep them invested in your business and feeling valued. And, of course, live chat is a great way to push out CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys to your customers.

That’s it!  6 great reasons you should be using live chat within your SaaS business. Remember, with our Live Chat Concierge service we can handle all your live chats for you and supply you with a simple code snippet to insert into your website that will automatically match your branding! Just click here to get started!

Reece Couchman