5 Minutes With Reece Couchman

At The SaaSy People we have an amazing team working across a range of accounts, so we thought we would give you the chance to get to know them a little better.

This week we spoke to Reece Couchman, the founder and CEO of The SaaSy People. Read on for his valuable insight into how crucial getting your customer support is for your business.

What’s your role at The SaaSy People?
I’m the Founder and CEO.
How Long have you been at The SaaSy People?
Since day zero ;) Specifically the 29th of November 2019.
Whats your favourite food?
I absolutely love anything from Wagamamas!
What makes an exceptional customer support experience?
So many different things combined make an exceptional customer support experience, and they all revolve around how you make your end customer feel when they interact with your business. Modern customers are demanding, they expect high-quality customer support when they contact you but they also expect it to be delivered over their preferred channels and in a timely fashion.
The days of emailing a business for help and waiting days for a response, or calling in and being expected to wait on hold for an answer are over - customers vote with their feet and will find a different provider to do business with if their expectations aren’t met. Proactively advertising your support offering and available channels is also key, so when customers do experience an issue or think of a question, they know you’re there to help them and know how to get in touch.
From there it’s all about ensuring your customer support representatives understand the issue they are faced with or the question they are being asked, and ensuring they have the resources available to them to resolve the problem or answer the query.  
Whats your dream holiday location?
Before setting up The SaaSy People I lived in Dallas, Texas and would love to go back some time soon!
What’s the 1 piece of advice you’d give to a business that’s working to get their customer support right?
Turn the tables around. By that I mean, imagine you’re a customer of your business and try to get in touch with a query. That might mean emailing in from an unknown email address, opening a live chat as an alias or calling in from a withheld number - be your own mystery shopper.  We’re also always happy to help businesses identify how to make their customer support experience a differentiator, the answer isn’t always to outsource - a chat with us will help any business view their customer support holistically and see if outsourcing some or all of their support interactions is right for them.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next monthly instalment of ‘5 Minutes with’ in August!

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