5 Minutes With Jackie Malkin

At The SaaSy People we have an amazing team working across a range of accounts, so we thought we would give you the chance to get to know them a little better.

This week we spoke to Jackie Malkin, one of our amazing account supervisors, to get her view on why getting your customer support right is so important for your customers.

What is your role at the SaaSy People?
My role is customer service supervisor for our account Corona Test Centre 
How long have you been at The Saasy People?
I started in October 2020, so one year now! I can’t believe it’s been a year, it’s flown by! 
What would you say makes an Exceptional Customer Support Experience?
From what we’re dealing with at the moment, with a lot of confusion around covid testing for travel, I think a lot of people are approaching with what could be seen as a complaint, but it’s not really a complaint it’s confusion. 
It’s great when you can then turn that around from a ‘complaint’ into a positive experience as you explain to the customer what they need to get their query resolved. 
It’s such a good feeling once you have won someone over and made it a lot easier for them to travel, as well as making the whole experience for them really positive. 
It’s the educating and informing part that I really enjoy. I’m here for those times that I can turn a complaint into positive feedback.
What’s your Dream Holiday?
New York. I got engaged at the top of the Empire State Building, which is my favourite building in New York, three years ago! We’ve been four times. I just love the shopping and the atmosphere. We decided to go at the end of November, for a week, to see all of the Christmas decorations. 
I knew nothing about the proposal, it was a complete surprise. We went up to where we normally go and he said ‘I've bought some tickets to go right to the very top’, and there's only a certain number of people who can go up there because it's a tiny gallery. So we went up and he whipped this ring out of his pocket. So yes, I love New York, we were meant to be going last year but obviously couldn’t, however I think we will get married in New York because it's so easy and we don't really want all of the fuss here to be honest, so we’ll probably have a party here.
What's your Favourite food?
Chocolate and toast are my absolute go to. 
If you had one piece of advice for a business trying to get your customer support right what would it be?
Listen to the customers and understand what they need. By putting yourself in their shoes, you can properly help them. Also a big thing is to never take sides. You have to bridge the gap between the customer and the business you are working for.

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